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*BBWW is a 501c3 non-profit. Donations are tax deductible.*

TARGET POPULATION - Our aim is to serve those populations seeking voluntary treatment for addictive diseases who currently don't have access.  We will harmonize harm reduction and the phenomenon of recovery while supporting Vietnam's national response.

People can join in recovery from drug addiction and lead powerful, purposeful, fulfilling and joyous lives.  BBWW is continually developing research that supports the work of our initiatives.  In this regard we are seeking funding to bring together willing participants to develop and maintain the gift of recovery to Vietnam.  The mentors, professors, psychologists, recovering alcoholics and addicts have helped in the past to create initiatives exactly like this in Japan, China, Bosnia, Croatia, Egypt, and Brazil.  BBWW is currently seeking effective social change practices with the Vietnamese and worldwide.  We are currently seeking and sharing effective social change practices with others in Vietnam and around the world, all who do similar work.  We will demonstrate world class professionalism and demonstrate the value of recovery and rehabilitation services in Vietnam.